Großer Elefant -

*Janosch* Doll with Down Syndrome

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*Janosch* Doll with Down Syndrome

Children have loved to play with dolls for generations. They get doted on, included in role play and provide loyal services in comforting sorrows. Nowadays a wide variety of dolls is available, with different color of skin or hair, clothing styles and various features. With our doll with Down Syndrome, we want to help make the doll world a tiny bit more diverse.

Whether in integrative facilities, the doctor’s waiting room, other institutions or simply at home: this doll will surely find a loving environment! Our greatest wish is that she is welcome everywhere!

Janosch is an approx. 38 cm tall boy, his arms, legs and head are flexible and he is dressed in the sweetest organic fabrics.

Want to sew a matching outfit for your child? If so, you can find the two fabrics here: Hero-Jersey und Checked Dots

If you can’t sew yourself, just write to Eva from Sauerländer Blagen, She’ll take care of the fabric for you in our warehouse and will be happy to sew a wonderful outfit for your child!


For more diversity in children’s play, everywhere.